Monday, 3 October 2011

My first book signing at The Oyster box

Being invited to do a book signing was such an amazing experience!! Firstly I just love everything about The Oyster Box and secondly I felt like a celeb, the children seemed so fascinated that I was an "author". I had a table at the bottom of the stair case, piled up high with books to sign!

There were about 100 gorgeous 7 year olds, on a school outing (from Umhlanga College) all touring the beautiful hotel. They got to decorate cupcakes, taste hot cookies (straight from the oven) and meet ME! Yay! The selection of sweets was more the treat. They had more Oreo's than I had ever seen in one place at one time. There was a huge candy floss machine too!

Sweets are FREE at the Oyster Box for children by the way! How cool is that!
There is a movie house and unlimited popcorn for them too!

I got to autograph a copy of Little Chef to them, concentrating so hard on spelling their names correctly while their Moms had tea and refreshments in The Oyster Bar! Mike came to check up-support me, but he was a bit out numbered by all the pretty moms!


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